5th CD Officers

Justin Koestler (Waukesha) - Chair 

Lillian Cheesman (Milwaukee) - Vice Chair            

Colleen Prouty Schulz (Waukesha) - Administrative Committee Representative

Kevin Kopplin (Jefferson) - Secretary

Andrew Christopherson (Milwaukee) - Treasurer

Scott Trindl (Waukesha) - Sergeant at Arms

Robert Hansen (Milwaukee) - P&R (3 year term, expires 2020)

Alicia Halvensleben  (Waukesha) - P&R (3 year term, expires 2021)

Susan Hotz (Waukesha) - P&R (3 year term, expires 2022)  

Ryan Champeau (Waukesha) - P&R Alternate (1 year)


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